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The location of your servers is very important. Netdistri is located in Bruges and therefore we have chosen to setup our servers as close as possible. To accomplish this, we have a partnership with a datacentre in Oostkamp near Brugge (West-Flanders), which uses an infrastructure provided by APC.
The datacentre has following security measurements:

  • 24/7 Monitoring
  • 24/7 access
  • Redundant power and cooling


The datacentre has an extended gigabit fiber network to several datacentres in Brussels.
Using this connections, there is an own BGP network that supplies redundant connections to the internet.
We are connected to this transit providers:

  • Level(3)
  • 1x 1Gbit MCI/Verizon
  • 1x 1Gbit CogentCo

And we are also able to use this peerings:

  • 1x 1Gbit AMS-IX
  • 1x 1Gbit FreeBIX
  • 1x 1Gbit Proximity

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

If you sign up with us, you receive this network warranties:

  • 99,99% power availability
  • Climaatcontrol of 21 degrees Celcius(+/- 4 degrees) with 50% humidity(+/- 10%)
  • 99,9% availability of the data network
  • Response lower than 65ms in Europe and 85ms between Europe and Northern America