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The beginning

Netdistri has been founded on August 1 2008, but was active before as Dutchzone, owned by Robin Cauwenbergh. Robin is from the beginning co-owner of the company, together with Niels Verhoeven and Roger Cauwenbergh. Netdistri has gathered the needed expertise and experience in its sector over the years. Thanks to the growth of Dutchzone and Niels who was willing to start his own business, Netdistri had taken its first steps.
Niels is graduated as bachelor Toegepaste Informatica,Robin is the creative brain with the good ideas and Roger is the person who can place difficult situations in perspective, thanks to his age. Therefore this is the optimal team to help you or your company to move forward!


2001: (Dutchzone) . starts reselling via a partner
2003: (Dutchzone) . purchase of own server for shared hosting
2004: (Dutchzone) . colocation & dedicated expansion
2005: (Dutchzone) . Development of websites for heritage
2006: (Dutchzone) . Starts using its own IP-ranges with own NAS
2007: (Dutchzone) . Remote hands for companies
2008: . Netdistri becomes
. first contracts with other companies
. Development of DMS-system (domain management system)
2009: . Development of several business applications
2010: . Expansion serverpark
2011: . Niels Verhoeven has left Netdistri.
. We have a blog, Q-Music hotspot.
2012: . B2B and Enduser ICT expansion. Hard- and software service.
. Paypal - creditcards payments possible


In the future our domain management system will be extended to give other companies the option to buy or rent it using the easability and service we provide on all our products! Later on, our real estate and car project will be finished to allow additional modules for our internet applications. In a next fase, Netdistri will offer complete solutions for telecom and digital media where our service comes first!

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